Catherine Delivers 5 Star Service for Claridges Project

Few of us have had the opportunity to go behind the scenes of a top London hotel but Down Business Centre tenant Catherine Deegan has recently had an insight like no other – literally from the ground up!

Catherine’s business Doc Elite won the contract to provide Information Management services to the project team tasked with ‘The Mayfair Hotel Mega Build’ at Claridge’s Hotel. A 3-part BBC documentary followed the extensive project which included the digging out of a five-storey mega basement, the addition of four new floors and the creation of London’s most expensive penthouse.

Doc Elite provided Information Management services to the project team which included managing an Electronic Document Management System to help the project team access the latest project information 24/7. The Information Management function was particularly important due to the size, scale and risks of the project and it was important to ensure that documents were organised, managed, controlled and accessible throughout the build helping to ensure collaboration and coordination throughout.

Commenting on her involvement in the project Catherine said –

“We feel incredibly lucky to have been a tiny drop in a massive ocean of all those involved and we are delighted to still be part of the project team.”

Catherine started Doc Elite in 2018 and the company has grown consistently ever since. Her first involvement with Down Business Centre was when she signed up for Go For It Programme and with the help of Adviser Joe McCoubrey developed her business plan. That helped Catherine get started and it wasn’t long before the business had grown to the scale that she needed premises and became a tenant at DBC.

Doc Elite has worked on some very prestigious client projects including:
The Berkeley Hotel London, St. John’s Wood Square London, M-shed Port of Grangemouth and Top Golf, Glasgow and they have just won their first international assignment, partnering with a well-known Project Management Company to deliver the Information Management Services for a new Data Centre in Frankfurt.

Catherine explains –

“A Data Centre is a big building filled with lots of computers, storage systems, and networking equipment that work together to store, process, and distribute large amounts of data. Think of it like a big brain that helps power the internet and all the apps and services we use every day!”

Doc Elite are Construction Information Specialists and provide Information Management Solutions to the Sub-contractors, Main Contractors and Developers on projects across all construction sectors.

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