Give yourself the Gift of Self-Care this Christmas

Our Former NMD Business Growth Mentoring Client Jill Gordon of Complete Mind Solutions offers some advice on how to get through the stresses of Christmas and how to prepare yourself mentally for the New Year ahead.

As Christmas approaches, some of us are looking forward to a well-earned break, whilst others prepare for the busy season ahead.

However, 2020 has not been a typical year! The December/January you usually experience may feel slightly different this time around. One thing that does remain the same regardless of your chosen profession, is the potential of the Christmas period to bring stress and pressure.

There is no need to crawl into 2021 exhausted by the past 12 months. The negativity that can be discarded, energy levels rejuvenated and the New Year anticipated with hope and excitement.

How? By investing in your mental health and well-being. This can easily slip down the list of priorities as work tasks take over and the demands of home or family life increase. It has never been more important though.

Why not make a positive change?

Here are 12 tips to prepare for the months ahead, and begin 2021 with a new, fresh mindset.

  1. Listen to your self-talk. Are you approaching tasks with a negative mindset, already expecting the worst, anticipating what might happen, what could go wrong?  Remember you are more resilient than you think. Don’t let your mind take you down the path of ‘this won’t work’ or ‘I can’t’ keep going’. You can and you will.
  1. If you are struggling to find a solution, having financial difficulties or keeping afloat, reach out and seek support. Do not try to cope on your own.
  1. Take a mindful approach with yourself and others. The Christmas period can put a strain on personal and professional relationships. Listen with intent, patience and acceptance. Be open to different views and enjoy the good connections you already have.
  1. Remember you cannot control the actions of others, only your reaction to it. Take a step back when things become too much. Use something you know that helps ground you or feel better. Talk to a colleague, partner or friend. Be kind to yourself.
  1. Be prepared but manage moment by moment. Take it one day at a time.  Abandon expectations because reality is usually quite different.  Enjoy what you have achieved and focus on that.  Looking back on what you could not or have not done this year is not productive.
  1. Be grateful. Many businesses have not survived Covid-19.  If yours did, embrace the changes and turn into positives and new opportunities.  If you had to close a business or an element of it, make it work for you now in this moment.  What next? What can you now do you could not before?  What new things would you like to try?  Get a mentor, study, work on a new idea.  The world is whatever you want it to be.  Isn’t that what we would tell others?
  1. Do not wait for opportunities to arrive. Go out a find them.  Have faith in your own ability to succeed and reach your goals. Think about progress, your achievements, your wins.
  1. Do not compare yourself to others. Strive to develop your resilience and find your motivation.  If you are low in creative energy then rest.  It will return when your mind and body is ready.  Go easy on yourself.  It has been a tough year.
  1. Be realistic and practise self-care. Take your breaks, sleep well, eat well. Fuel your body with the right nutrients to sustain working hours or shifts. Incorporate relaxion and have at least one digital detox over the Christmas season.
  1. See the good in others. Christmas can be challenging and bring challenging people to you both at work and at home. Set boundaries and prioritise those closest to you.
  1. Pace yourself and know when to stop. Be pro-active in looking after your well-being. Reacting to stress is too late. Set an example to those around you at work and at home.
  1. Be optimistic and create a life that is fulfilling, healthy and happy.

Let us all enjoy Christmas 2020 as best we can.  Support each other, be kind, compassionate and giving.

Jill Gordon

W: Complete Mind Solutions – The responsible approach to supporting Mental Well-being in the workplace